Jharberink handmade porcelain.

Dutch artist and ceramicist Jacqueline Harberink is known for her minimalist porcelain design, where simple and sober meet elegance. Inspired by organic forms and geometric patterns found in nature, Jacqueline’s creations are made to be beautiful and to be used. Her widely appreciated porcelain is unique: each piece has its own distinctive soul and its own proportions.

The making of

wedging porcelain clay Jharberink
decoration of handmade porcelain Jharberink

Handmade porcelain, a slow process.

Making porcelain means having a lot of patience. It’s a SLOW process.
If you do take your time, the results can be stunning. Porcelain is such a beautiful material. Just love its whiteness, translucency, thinness and strength.

Discover the making process.


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