handmade porcelain ring ‘SIGILLUM MEDIUM’




This unique porcelain ring ‘SIGILLUM MEDIUM’ is handmade by the designer Jacqueline Harberink. Jacqueline Harberink left the ring unglazed to honor the purity of the porcelain. SIGILLUM is the Latin word for signet. A great inspiration for this ring were the signet rings of the past.

The ring has a refined shadow play in it. The ring comes in the stylish JHA PORCELAIN gift box.



handmade porcelain ring ‘SIGILLUM MEDIUM’

Porcelain crafting is a long process that requires diligence and patience.

This JHA PORCELAIN jewelry was handmade by the designer Jacqueline Harberink.

As a designer she gets her inspiration mainly from nature and loves modernizing old, almost forgotten craftsmanship and techniques.  It is easy to recognize her signature as a designer in this unique piece of jewelry. The design is easily portable and the noble simplicity makes a refined yet powerful appearance. Every design is handmade with care. As a result, every piece is unique in itself. Small imperfections and variations in porcelain are evidence of the uniqueness of the work. Jacqueline Harberink herself as the designer signs each porcelain design she makes. So you will know when you have an original. The dimensions of the design are indicative and may vary slightly since it’s handmade.Any tiny imperfection and variation are signs of the uniqueness of the art object.

JHA PORCELAIN uses the highest quality porcelain clay known for its strength, hardness, whiteness and translucency and we recycle the clay scraps.



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