All JHA PORCELAIN designs are handmade by the Dutch artist and ceramicist Jacqueline Harberink. Her usable art will surprise your senses with a completely different experience. Every collection has its own touch because of a unique surface. Jacqueline Harberink achieves this using various methods like scarving, glazing or being left unglazed. Or by using the shellac technique or rice-grain technique. So we always ask people to touch her JHA PORCELAIN pieces, as that is when the real sensorial experience begins … So please use your porcelain object and let it surprise all your senses!

The making of

Handmade porcelain, a slow process

Making porcelain requires patience, a lot of patience. It’s a SLOW process and you cannot be in a hurry. Little flaws made during the making process will always show up at the end, even if you don’t see them while you’re firing the piece/putting it in the kiln. Porcelain is not forgiving. This can be frustrating, but you learn to deal with it.

If you do take your time, the results are stunning. Porcelain is such a beautiful material. I just love its whiteness, its translucency, how thin it is and yet so strong.

Discover the making process.


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