two handmade porcelain breakfast / soup bowls – collection ‘EGGSHELL’



Two handmade porcelain breakfast / soup bowls – collection ‘EGGSHELL’

These handmade translucent bowls can be used for example for breakfast/yoghurt/muesli/fruits or soup. Light as an eggshell but very strong. They are dishwasher/microwave/oven safe. Each bowl is unique. It is glazed on the inside. The outside has a satin matt surface and is unglazed. This bowl fits perfectly in the hand, feels smooth and is easily to clean. The bowls come carefully wrapped as a gift. 

Dimensions: approx 8 cm high and approx 14 cm diameter
Material: Mont Blanc porcelain.
Technique: handmade by slip casting. Glazed on the inside with a transparent glaze, unglazed on the outside. Fired in a electric kiln for the first time up to 950 degrees Celcius (bisquit) and for the second time un to 1260 degrees Celcius (glazing). High firing makes the porcelain strong and robust. 
Specifications: this product is dishwasher/microwave/oven safe. Prevent thermal shock, like from the fridge in to the oven.

JHA PORCELAIN uses the highest quality porcelain clay known for its strength, hardness, whiteness and translucency. Any tiny imperfection and variation are signs of the uniqueness of the art object.