Handmade porcelain by Jacqueline Harberink

16-22th April @ Masterly Milano

World premier: [non-] transparency chandelier


JHA PORCELAIN is very happy to be selected as one of the Dutch designers on the Dutch pavilion at the fascinating Palazzo Francesco Turati in Palazzo 8 from April 16th – 22th.

JHA PORCELAIN will show a world premier at Masterly Milano:

the [non-]transparency chandelier made from porcelain as silent protest against the total connectivity of the current era 

The Dutch artist and ceramicist Jacqueline Harberink believes that, in 2018, our pursuit of transparency and full connectivity has gone too far. Harberink’s [non-]transparency chandelier, made from porcelain, makes a clear statement: people must retain the right to have their own secrets and to be out of reach if they wish to be. The essence of humanity comes into its own when we are offline. We need privacy and silence from time to time, to find out who we are and what we want.


Harberink’s [non-]transparency chandelier literally and figuratively symbolises the threat hanging over us, namely lack of privacy. Several transparent corrugated porcelain layers float on the chandelier as a symbol of our vulnerable yet very valuable right to privacy. The porcelain layers have been hand made to be transparent, with holes that are then closed invisibly by the artist using transparent glaze. This is precisely because she considers privacy so important and believes it is insufficiently protected at present. Eventually, we will realise that we cannot and must not share everything and that we need our “secrets”. In addition, we cannot be sure where the data we share will eventually end up.


The method used by Harberink is based on the Chinese “rice grain” technique from the 14th century. The porcelain layers are 100% handmade. The standard size of the chandelier is 60 x 45 cm, although it can also be custom made to other sizes. Variations in colour and material processing are also possible. The chandelier can be built modularly, which means it is also easy to transport.

Monday April 16th 2018
Press Preview
From 3 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Official Press Opening at 4 p.m.

Tuesday April 17th 2018
Opening Cocktail Dutch Embassy / Consulate-general
with the designers 
and VIP’s
18.30 p.m.
upon invitation

Wednesday April 18th 2018
Cocktail Eigen Huis & Interieur
upon invitation

Thursday April 19th 2018
Day of the Architects
Breakfast / upon inviation

Palazzo Turati, Grand & Small Courtyard
> Cocktail Wood- and furniture college (upon inviation)

Sunday April 22th 2018
Dutch tulips will be handed out to the people of Milan. This is how we say to all Milanese: thank you for your hospitaliy and enjoy the flowers.
From 2 p.m.

Palazzo Francesco Turati
Via Meravigli 7, Milano

Masterly Press contact
Giuseppina Flor International Communication and PR
+ 39 339 22 161 33